We are all about Eggs!

If we were to sum up our entire company in one line we would say that “We are a customer experience company that is dedicated towards remarkable customer service making them feel like a king.” Our customers always say that they don’t just buy a Henfruit egg, they experience it! To experience it yourself, just call at 9888061666 to speak to our founder directly!

What we do?

Operating since 1989, we are producers and suppliers of all-natural eggs with a mission to make healthy and antibiotic free eggs available to the entire nation by setting a new benchmark in the egg quality. Our vision is to promote an active lifestyle by delivering our customers the best of farm fresh eggs that go through a series of cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection processes, and quality testing on a zero human touch automated machine that is the first and only in India. All of these efforts because an egg may house over 100times more bacteria than a toilet seat and we understand the potential health risks of eggs that don’t get disinfected and are contaminated with bacteria like salmonella and E.Coli.

We produce a variety of all-natural eggs that meet your different needs. Our range includes regular white and brown eggs that suit your pocket, high protein eggs to adhere to your daily protein requirement, corn-fed eggs to treat your taste buds and meet your baking needs, Humpty Dumpty eggs to add a little extra nutrition to your little ones’ diet, and many more variants like cage-free eggs, no hatch herbal eggs, pullet eggs, sunny eggs that you can check out on our eggs page .

Our service doesn’t end at delivering the best eggs to you. We value our customer’s opinions and love to hear how satisfied you are with your purchase. Based on your valuable feedback, we incorporate corrective measures to make your experience even better than ever before. You can leave your comments going to our ‘Contact us’ page.