Say hello to our ladies.

Let’s introduce you to our ladies or as others may call them hens. The different variants of healthy Henfruit eggs that you consume come from different breeds of hens that we keep. With our extensive experience and knowledge in this industry about what breed gives the best yolk texture and colour, better shell, better size and more nutritional value, we choose the best of the breeds. Our farms raise about 6 different types of breeds, namely


It is equally important to know where the bird came from and whether its parents were healthy and free from diseases that could pass on to their offspring. For this, we rely only on the world’s best companies that provide us with the bird’s traceability report.

The all you can eat 5- Star buffet

The best breed alone cannot produce the most nutritional eggs. Eighty percent (80%) of the egg quality and its nutrition depends on what the birds eat and what they and their eggs go through during the process. At Henfruit, our hens feast on nothing less than a five-star buffet. The birds feed is formulated by our panel of five doctors, using the best quality ingredients in appropriate ratios for a different group of birds that deliver a different assortment of eggs that you consume. Then in our feed mills, the chefs (or the millers, but we like the word chef) process these ingredients into a size suitable for the birds.