18500 23000

2 Tray of 10 Pack Pullet Eggs

Pullet eggs are the first few eggs that are laid by a hen in its life. These eggs come from young hens and are rich in natural protein and vitamin B12 which is a very important nutrient that helps in keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. The hen prepares by gathering all the nutrition in its body for many months before it finally begins to lay eggs. As a result, its first few eggs are a powerhouse of taste along with all-natural nutrition. Filled with a creamy yolk in a perfect size we recommend boiling it for six (6) minutes and eating the whole egg in one bite to feel the goodness melt in your mouth! These eggs are sanitized. The colour of their yolk is bright yellow.

2 Pack of 10 Pack of Pullet Eggs
18500 23000

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